‘Zero Discrimination’: Biden Says An Eight-Year-Old Child Can Decide To Be Transgender

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said there should be “zero discrimination” if an eight or a ten-year-old child “decides” to be transgender.

Biden, who has made LGBTQ rights a key campaign platform, made the comments in response to the mother of a transgender child during Thursday night’s town hall on ABC.

“The Trump administration has attacked the rights of transgender people, banning them from military service, weakening nondiscriminatory protections and even removing the word ‘transgender’ from some government websites,” Mieke Haeck said. “How will you as president reverse this dangerous and discriminatory agenda and ensure that the lives and rights of LGBTQ people are protected?”

In response, Biden promised to “flat-out change the law” and eliminate any executive orders regarding the issue implemented by President Donald Trump.


“The idea that an 8-year-old child or a 10-year-old child decides, ‘You know, I decided I want to be transgender. That’s what I think I’d like to be. It would make my life a lot easier,’ there should be zero discrimination,” Biden added. “And what’s happening is too many transgender women of color are being murdered.” (RELATED: Warren Says Her Education Secretary Must Meet Trans Child’s Approval)

Democrats have made the alleged epidemic of transgenders being murdered a 2020 campaign issue.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used documented murder rates to argue in January to argue that transgenders are “safer than your typical American.”