Celebrities Really Didn’t Like That People Actually Voted For Donald Trump

(LEFT: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Glamour; RIGHT: Presley Ann/Getty Images)

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Celebrities seemed to be upset about people voting for Donald Trump and wanted the world to know.

Many celebrities — including Jimmy Kimmel, Lili Reinhart and John Cusack — took to Twitter on Tuesday night to either make fun of Trump or criticize the people who voted for him.

“Trump shouldn’t be allowed to win a state unless he can find it on a map,” Kimmel tweeted.

Cusack pointed out that people actually voted for Trump, whom he called a “mentally ill virus spreading Child abducting Nazi rapist.” (RELATED: Here’s How Celebrities Are Reacting To Donald Trump’s Positive COVID-19 Test)

“think this will be like2018 where it took a while to see dem gains play out & Biden will get 270 : But fact so many people didn’t just look the other way – but VOTED FOR the mentally ill virus spreading Child abducting Nazi rapist ? Hard to find a punchline here – We are ill,” Cusack tweeted.

Reinhart, who stars in “Riverdale,” also seemed shocked that people voted for Trump.

“I just don’t understand how all of the racist, homophobic, immoral, transphobic, misogynistic things Trump has said and stood for wasn’t a deal breaker for this many Americans,” Reinhart tweeted.

Musician Thome Yorke tore into Trump, as well.

“i don’t want my kids inheriting a world run by flag waving facebook tin pot dictators, utterly bereft of moral authority, while they watch 200 mile winds pick up and blow their lives away like the Wizard of Oz, having internalized this force fed sense of powerlessness,” Yorke tweeted. “just sayin.”

“Star Trek” star George Takei wasn’t happy about Trump’s tweet declaring a Republican victory. The tweet claimed the Democrats had tried to “steal” the election and has been marked as potentially misleading by Twitter.

“We are going to #CountAllVotes. And when we’re done, Joe Biden is going to win the presidency, Donald,” Takei tweeted. “We will not let you play your tricks and games, or call out your hounds. We’re on to you, and we’re going to do this the lawful, orderly way.”

Actor John Cleese compared Trump’s behavior on election night to a tennis player throwing a “hissy fit.”

“Trump’s behaviour now reminds me of the cartoon where a tennis player is having a hissy fit and the umpire is saying to the other one ‘Couldn’t you just let her win ?'” Cleese tweeted.

The election has not yet been called, as many states haven’t counted all the ballots yet. Georgia’s election results might not even be released until Friday after a pipe burst in a room containing mail-in ballots, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Biden is currently in the lead with 227 Electoral College votes; Trump is trailing with 213, according to election results reported by the New York Times at the time this article was published.