‘Selling Sunset’ Star Christine Quinn Got A Tiger After Receiving Death Threats

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

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Reality star Christine Quinn reportedly bought a tiger after she received death threats.

Quinn also invested in full-time security, according to an interview first published Saturday by the Daily Star. The “Selling Sunset” star became worried after her home was shown on the Netflix original show.

“We have got full-time security,” Quinn told the outlet. “There are armed guards and canine unit dogs. We got it all because the house was featured on Selling Sunset. My neighbors recognised it and called me up.”

“I realized it meant people knew where we live now,” she reportedly said. “That was a little scary to me because we are here a lot.” (RELATED: Scooter Braun Says He’s Received ‘Numerous Death Threats’ Amid Feud With Taylor Swift)

Quinn claimed she began to get death threats, which doesn’t surprise me because she was fairly rude to Chrishell Strauss on the show.

“The death threats I had were terrifying,” Quinn told the outlet. “We were warned that a lot of weird things were happening in the area and I joked, ‘If guns and dogs don’t scare people, we need a tiger.'”

So, Quinn ended up getting a tiger. Honestly, I am not surprised that Quinn invested in a tiger. She can definitely afford one and she is totally boujee enough for one. Apparently, the tiger is “friendly,” according to Quinn.

“When we’ve had the tiger, he isn’t even on a leash,” she told the outlet. “I’ve been within a foot of him and I wasn’t nervous at all. He is so friendly.”