Alcohol Sales In Pennsylvania Suspended The Night Before Thanksgiving

Mark Makela/Getty Images

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Pennsylvania has suspended alcohol sales for one night beginning at 5:00 PM the night before Thanksgiving.

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine appeared at a virtual press conference Monday with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to announce the new coronavirus restrictions, KDKA 6 News reported. As part of the new restrictions, restaurants and bars are ordered to stop all alcohol sales at 5:00 PM Wednesday, November 25, and cannot resume sales until 8:00 AM the next morning. (RELATED: Pennsylvania Health Secretary Says Residents May Be Wearing Masks ‘To The End Of 2021’)

Wolf said that the state’s new restrictions were focused on reducing large gatherings and increasing enforcement of existing restrictions. The measures will include “targeted protections for businesses and gatherings,” a stay-at-home order, and increased enforcement of Pennsylvania’s mask mandate, Levine said according to KDKA.

“Orders already in place and those announced today will be enforced, and law enforcement and state agencies will be stepping up enforcement efforts, issuing citations and fines and possible regulatory actions for repeat offenders,” Levine said. “It has to be our collective responsibility to protect our communities, our healthcare workers, and our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians from COVID-19.”

The new lockdowns come as cases in Pennsylvania continue to rise. Models show that if mitigation measures are not taken, the state will run out of ICU beds in December, the governor said.

“Another week of significant increases of COVID-19 across Pennsylvania is a call to action,” Wolf said in a statement, according to KDKA. “We need all Pennsylvanians to take the steps they can to protect one another.” (RELATED: Millions Of People Are Traveling Ahead Of Thanksgiving Despite COVID-19 Warning, TSA Data Shows)

“We need Pennsylvanians to follow the most recent orders and wear a mask, social distance, avoid travel and gatherings and wash their hands,” Wolf added. “It is only by working together that Pennsylvanians can prevent the spread of the virus.”

Increased restrictions have already gone into effect Friday in Pennsylvania. Indoor gatherings of any size are prohibited, including indoor dining and private gatherings. Gyms, museums, and libraries are closed, and schools are only allowed to offer virtual learning. Outdoor gatherings are limited to 10% capacity and guests must keep their masks on at all times – no food or drink can be served.