REPORT: Former Model Tracy Dixon Wins Lawsuit Against Officer Who Allegedly Used Police Helicopter To Capture Naked Photos Of Her

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot This Morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOJvwI4rtRI)

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Former model Tracy Dixon reportedly won a lawsuit against a British police force after a cop allegedly used a police helicopter to capture naked photos of her.

Dixon claimed the South Yorkshire police caused her distress and invaded her privacy by refusing to disclose how many times she had been spied on by officer Adrian Pogmore, according to an article published Wednesday by The Mirror.

Dixon first sued the police force after Pogmore was jailed for a year back in 2017, The Mirror reported. (RELATED: Erin Andrews’ Lawsuit Against Hotel Where Peeping Tom Recorded Her Begins)

Dixon had allegedly requested £200,000 from the police force, but it is unclear if she received the money.

Pogmore was jailed after he admitted to using the police force helicopter and a camera capable of reading a license plate from two miles away to do “sexual spying” on Tracy, The Mirror reported.

“He is a taxpayer-funded pervert,” Tracy said, according to The Mirror. “While he was flying around for his own sexual kicks criminals were on the run.”

“I have no faith or trust in the police any more,” she reportedly added. “It was a complete and utter violation of my privacy.”

“I feel sick to know that it took place,” Tracy continued.