Former CIA Director John Brennan Has ‘No Problems’ With Durham Probe Extending Into 2021

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Former CIA Director John Brennan told “Fox News Sunday” that he has “no problems” with U.S. Attorney John Durham conducting his investigation into 2021 and another presidential administration.

Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham in October as special counsel for the Justice Department, a move which would allow him to continue his investigation of the origins of the Trump-Russia probe unless he is directly fired by the next attorney general.

Asked by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace about how he felt about the move, Brennan expressed confidence that Durham could fulfill his responsibilities “without any political influence.”


“I think that is fine, I have no problems with it,” he said. “I do believe that John Durham is going to carry out his responsibilities ably and hopefully not with any type of political influence.”

Brennan recalled sitting with Durham and his team and answer questions for eight hours.

“And so looking back at 2016, were there some mistakes made in terms of the FISA applications and other types of things?” Brennan asked rhetorically. “Yes, apparently there were, but that doesn’t mean that there was criminal intent, and there was no spying on Donald Trump’s campaign.” (RELATED: Intel Chief Urges John Durham To Release Interim Report In Order To Protect Investigation)

The former CIA director, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, contended that there were “a lot of activities” during the Trump transition that he considered “very unprincipled, unethical.”