California Health Inspectors Cite A Closure Order To Restaurant Owner Live On Camera

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Anton Van Happen, owner of ‘Nick The Greek,’ a California restaurant, confronted public health inspectors Monday issuing him a citation for staying open after he allegedly violated guidance.

Happen said he was told by health officials to bring all of his outdoor dining furniture indoors on Friday after Ventura County health inspectors informed him he was out of compliance.

However, two health inspectors issued him a citation Monday night, claiming Happen was still out of compliance and allegedly protesting the health rules. (RELATED: Celebrity Chef Andrew Gruel Blasts California’s Lockdown Rules)


“So this is what we’re risking when we continue to protest in this way,” a male public health inspector tells Happen.

“Protesting what? I’m not protesting right now, my tables are inside, I’m following the rules,” Happen said.

Happen then asks what he’s being cited for, to which the female health inspector says that Happen knows why he was cited but won’t specifically say.

“You’re operating without a valid permit,” she says, before leaving the restaurant.

“This is the support you get from the health department and the government these days,” Happen said. “We are already under so much stress and pressure to try and keep ourselves afloat.”

California has banned both indoor and outdoor dining due to a recent spike of coronavirus cases. However, other restaurant owners have taken a defiant stance against the new regulations.

Dave Foldes and Dave Rey, owners of Cronies Sports Grill in Agoura Hills, said they were staying open for their employees.

“Last thing we’re going to do is lay people off during the Christmas holiday,” Foldes said on social media.

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