Brewery Owner Spends Over $100,000 To Comply With LA County Outside Dining Regulations

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A brewery owner in Los Angeles County spent over $100,000 in order to comply with outside dining regulations for breweries only to have bars and breweries be shutdown for at least three weeks.

Brian Avery is the owner of Bravery Brewing in Lancaster, California, where outdoor dining has been banned

“We are normally getting ready for our annual Christmas party with our employees to thank them for their hard work but instead we are getting ready to lay them off again,” Avery said, after receiving the news from the county.”The county is saying three weeks but I don’t trust that.” Avery, like many other restaurant and brewery owners, was forced to lay off employees during the week of Thanksgiving. (RELATED : Los Angeles Restaurant Owners Protest Outdoor Dining Ban)

“I don’t see us opening until spring, I don’t know why you would think otherwise,” said Avery.”It’s $100,000 plus hundreds of hours donated from friends who are plumbers, electricians, and handymen who are helping us through this,” Avery said about the cost and labor spent on attempting to comply with LA County regulations.


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