Tropicana Apologizes For Implying People Should Get Drunk To Cope With The Pandemic

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Rowan Saydlowski Contributor
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Tropicana Products issued an apology Tuesday after receiving complaints that a recent marketing campaign endorsed the use of alcohol as a coping mechanism.

The juice beverage producer ran advertisements that instructed parents to “#TakeAMimoment,” in reference to using Tropicana’s orange juice products to make alcoholic mimosas, according to a report by the Miami Herald. The campaign reportedly focused on encouraging parents to stash away alcoholic drinks to help them cope with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic and home life. (RELATED: 52% Of People Feel The Need To Drink While Watching The News In 2020)

“Tropicana has been a staple at the family breakfast table for generations and we wanted to provide parents with that same moment of brightness you get from a delicious glass of orange juice but in a way that shows we understand what they are going through right now,” said Anup Shah, vice president and chief marketing officer for Juice Brands at PepsiCo Beverages North America, in a since-deleted press release, according to the Miami Herald.

“As a father of three girls, I can certainly say I get it – we could all use a Mimoment these days.”

Martha Duke of the “Recovering Out Loud” sobriety support network criticized the campaign, telling Page Six, “At a time when alcohol consumption by women is up at dangerously high rates, it is irresponsible for a company or celebrity to put their stamp of approval on what [could] essentially [be] the beginning of alcohol dependence. A woman who is questioning her own relationship with alcohol is less likely to seek help if it is deemed a normal coping mechanism for stress.” (RELATED: Google Searches For Alcohol Stores Hit A Record High Tuesday Night During The Election)

Tropicana issued an apology for the marketing campaign on Twitter, saying, “The intent behind it was in no way meant to imply that alcohol is the answer or make light of the struggles of addiction.”

The company said they are ceasing all support of the campaign moving forward.