Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Arthur Chu Calls Death Of Woman At Capitol One Of The ‘Good Things’ About The Riots

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Jeopardy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t13Szm-9tJw)

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Former “Jeopardy!” champion Arthur Chu called the death of a woman breaking into the Capitol one of the “good things” to come out of Wednesday’s riots.

Chu, a self-proclaimed comedian, referred to the woman as a “Nazi” in a tweet shared Thursday. The woman who died after being shot by police while trying to enter the Capitol was identified as Ashli Babbitt by her husband.

Chu went on to say that Babbitt was not a human being, and referred to her as “a pile of meat.”

“Ashley Babbitt feeding the worms is one of the few good things that happened as a result of the Capitol ‘protest’ and if you feel the need to mourn her Nazi ass it’ll be easier for both of us if you unfollow me now,” Chu tweeted. (RELATED: REPORT: Woman Shot In Capitol Building Dies)

Chu also describes himself as a “mad genius” as well as an “actor, and freelance voiceover artist.”

“When a bullet goes through the fatty tumor a Nazi has in the space where a human being would have a brain, nothing is lost,” he added. “A pile of meat that moved and spoke and acted like a person was made to stop moving, and thus could no longer fool people into thinking it was one of them.”