‘They’re Worshipping An Idol,’ Joe Scarborough Says Of ‘Too Many People Who Call Themselves Christians’ That Follow Trump


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said that “too many people who call themselves Christians” and “evangelicals” have “turned from the Word of God” and are worshipping President Donald Trump instead of God or Jesus.

In Tuesday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe” Scarborough read an excerpt from The Dispatch’s David French, calling Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Capitol a “violent Christian Insurrection” and said that evangelical leaders were “leading their flocks” to follow Trump.

The Capitol was stormed by supporters of Trump demanding that Vice President Mike Pence and Congress overturn the Electoral College vote following Trump’s “Save America” rally that was held near the White House. (RELATED: ‘You Open The F*cking Doors For Them’: Joe Scarborough Accuses Capitol Police Of Allowing Insurrection, Calls For Trump’s Arrest)

“Too many people who call themselves Christians, too many people who call them evangelicals, they have turned from the Word of God,” Scarborough said. “They have turned from actually worshipping God, worshipping Jesus, and now they’re worshipping an idol.”

Scarborough then described how you can compare the pictures of scenes at the Capitol riot to the “red words that you used to read in the Gospels” and see that the rioters “are just like we read in the Old Testament” and that “they are worshipping idols, or more specifically, one idol,” referencing Trump.

The “red words” that Scarborough mentioned are the words that were spoken by Jesus and are printed in red in some editions of the Bible. Scarborough did not clarify who he was talking about when referencing the Old Testament, but there are several instances of idol worship among the peoples written about.

“This is again, whether you are a Christian or not, you can read the Gospels of Jesus Christ and his life, and you can match his words with what we saw on TV and what we have been seeing from Donald Trump for the past four years,” Scarborough continued, “and you understand that the evangelical leaders that have been leading their flocks to follow this idol, this political idol, are taking their flock dangerously off course.”

Many leaders in the Christian community who have large followings have publicly expressed their support for Trump in the past, including Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr. Trump has also maintained a large level of popularity among Christians throughout his presidency. Scarborough, however, did not place all of the blame on those “evangelical leaders.”

“And, yes, that flock bears responsibility just as much. God gave them a mind. God gave them a Bible they can read. They just refused to do it over the past four years,” Scarborough finished.