Rep. Ayanna Pressley Says GOP Congressmembers Engaged In ‘Chemical Warfare’ By Not Wearing Masks

(Photo by Jacquelyn Martin-Pool/Getty Images)

Adam Burnett Contributor
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Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley condemned her GOP colleagues Thursday for not wearing masks during the Capitol riots, saying that by doing so they were engaging in “chemical warfare.”

“That’s chemical warfare, so far as I’m concerned,” said Pressley in an interview with Don Lemon of CNN. “And again, this is exactly why we should be moving … calling for the expulsion of these members.” (RELATED: Rep. Ayanna Pressley Compared Loeffler, Perdue And McConnell To ‘The Bonnie And Clyde Of Corruption’)

Her comments come after Rep. Pressley’s husband recently tested positive for COVID-19 after being around Pressley during the Capitol riots, with Pressley testing negative but still in self-isolation. Her comments after her office announced the positive test ran along the same lines as this interview, calling her Republican colleagues “callous” for not wearing masks. 

Rep. Pressley also labeled her maskless colleagues as committing “criminal behavior” before calling them “unfit to serve.” (RELATED: Rep. Ayanna Pressley Accuses Trump Of ‘War Crimes’ Over Coronavirus Response)

“You would think that even in that moment, they would attempt to extend some grace, some collegiality, or just to be decent human beings,” Pressley told Don Lemon. “They chose to recklessly endanger the members in that room, my spouse, my staff, and that of everyone else that was in proximity to him.” 

Pressley concluded the interview by calling for expulsion of members of Congress, saying “We must “expel those members who have aided and abetted and been complicit in the cruelty, the corruption, and the criminality of this administration.”