‘They Shot Through The Walls’: Bounty Hunters Charged For Allegedly Raiding Wrong Home

Not the house from the story. Via Shutterstock

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Three Texas bounty hunters were arrested last weekend for allegedly breaking into a home believed to be a man who skipped court.

When the bounty hunters entered the home with guns, Ricky Brannon, the homeowner involved in the incident, fired at the group, according to KHOU 11.

“They shot through the walls, through all kind of stuff in my room, sheetrock flying and hitting me, glass flying and hitting me … I thought I was going to die,” Brannon reportedly said.

Angel Galvan, Frederick Randle, and Farukur Siddique were all reportedly charged with felony burglary after entering the wrong home. Brannon said that the situation could have been avoided if the men had asked for Brannon’s name, KHOU 11 reports.

“You don’t go into people’s houses unless you are invited, right? It’s the most protected property in this country, in this state, by the constitution,” Harris County District Attorney Prosecutor Napolean Stewart said, reports KHOU 11.

The three bounty hunters were allegedly attempting to track down a man who skipped court after being charged with sexual assault of a child. (RELATED: Dog The Bounty Hunter Opens Up About Life Leading Up To His Wife’s Death)

Prosecutors are reportedly eyeing additional charges for the bounty hunters as a result of the incident.