New Yorkers Explain What A Hedge Fund Is In 15 Seconds

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Lisa Bennatan and Caity McDuffee asked New Yorkers if they could describe a hedge fund in 15 seconds. 

“A hedge fund essentially takes positions on two sides, tries to to make money on both the short and the long,” one man explained

“It is something that a company puts together and the rich people get richer and the poor people get poorer,” another man said.

The Daily Caller also asked New Yorkers whether they were team Reddit or team GameStop. (RELATED: Charles Payne Explains How Retail Investors Ripped The Power Out Of Hedge Funds’ Hands)

“Team hedge fund, retail investors I respect them a lot but I just don’t think they know what they are doing,” a New Yorker said.

“Team little guy actually wins for once and the billionaires have to give up some of their money,” another man said.

Tune into the whole video to get New Yorkers’ unfiltered reaction to the GameStop story.


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