‘Bachelor’ Star Ben Higgins Reveals His Faith Helped Him Through Addiction To Painkillers

(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

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Former “Bachelor” star Ben Higgins revealed his faith and religion helped him get through his addiction to painkillers.

Higgins opened up about his addiction in an interview Wednesday with Fox News about his new memoir “Alone In Plain Sight.”

Higgins admitted he became addicted to painkillers after injuring his knee in high school and had previously worked to get sober, the outlet reported.

“Addiction is nothing to make light of and something that you have to confront or takes over your life,” Higgins told Fox News. (RELATED: ‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Says All Couple’s Have Access To Relationship Counseling Post Filming)

Higgins said he used his faith along with counseling, practicing meditation and exercise to help him through the addiction, Fox News reported.

“In order to love others and you have to do the work on yourself,” Higgins told the outlet. “You have to learn to love yourself. And that’s something that’s the hardest.”

Higgins became famous after appearing on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette.” He later was cast as the lead of “The Bachelor.” Higgins admitted a friend inspired him to use his platform to help others during the interview.

“And then my buddy said, ‘What if you use this whole new platform to focus on others, to never use this about yourself, but to hear the stories of others, to enhance the lives of others because it’s never been about you. Maybe you should never be about you,'” Higgins said, according to Fox News. “And that perspective really helped me because it’s allowed me to feel like I’m using this platform for something good.”