People Are Talking About Senator Ted Cruz’s Haircut

(Photo by JABIN BOTSFORD/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

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Sen. Ted Cruz got people everywhere talking Friday with his haircut.

It’s unclear if Cruz got a recent trim or not, but he’s close to rocking a mullet. Honestly, it might look better if he just went all out with the mullet. Currently, Cruz has a slicked back, long locks look going.

Check it out here:

Clearly, the Philly Inquirer’s Abraham Gutman does not like Cruz’ haircut. He called for the senator to be expelled over the cut. (RELATED: Alyssa Milano, Dave Bautista, Others Sign Petition To Remove Ted Cruz From The Senate)

Others took to Twitter to make fun of the new cut as well.

“Why does Ted Cruz have the hair and beard of a wacky relief pitcher from 1996,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user shared a photo of a man with the state of Texas shaved into his mullet and suggested it was Cruz’ inspiration for the new ‘do.

Obviously there were a lot of other people making fun of him as well, but we don’t all need to pile on like that.

Maybe he’s just trying to figure out a new look. Everybody should be allowed to reinvent themselves sometimes. I just hope someone tells Cruz that he should try going in a different direction.