Claudia Conway Opens Up About ‘American Idol’ Audition And ‘Iffy’ Relationship With Her Parents

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot American Idol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3L_ezsLKkc)

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Former Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s daughter opened up about her dreams to sing and her relationship with her family in a new extended interview for “American Idol.”

Claudia Conway, 16, advanced to the Hollywood round in Sunday’s episode. In an extended interview, Claudia revealed that music is her “safe haven,” according to ABC 13.

Watch her interview:

“I went back to when I was younger, watching ‘American Idol’ with my grandmother, thinking, ‘I want to do that one day,'” she said. Claudia’s grandmother apparently predicted the young teen would end up on the show, according to ABC 13. (RELATED: Claudia Conway Moves On To Hollywood Round Of ‘American Idol’)

“Music has always been a refuge and a safe haven for me,” she said. “It’s kind of my happy place.”

Claudia also opened up about her “iffy” relationship with her mom and her dad, George Conway. The teenager described her parents as “high profile political figures.” Kellyanne previously worked as one of Trump’s top advisors while George was a founder and advisor for the Lincoln Project.

“I’m still a normal teenager, and I think people tend to lose sight of that, that I’m just 16, and most 16-year-old girls fight with their parents all the time,” Claudia said, according to the outlet. “Right now, I’d say my relationship with both my parents is a lot better. I think I’m in a much better place with them.”

“I think it took a lot of self-reflection on everyone’s part,” she added. “And kind of stepping away from that social media presence.”

Claudia and Kellyanne recently made headlines after the former Trump advisor allegedly shared a nude photo of her daughter on her account (@KellyannePolls) using the Fleets feature, as previously reported. It was never confirmed if Kellyanne actually shared the photo.