‘Biden Totally Caved’: Jesse Watters Says Teachers Unions ‘Held Students Hostage’ To Jump The Line On Vaccines

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said Tuesday that President Joe Biden had “totally caved” to teachers unions.

Watters joined cohosts Juan Williams, Greg Gutfeld, Katie Pavlich and Dana Perino on Fox News’ “The Five” to discuss the Biden administration’s promise to have enough coronavirus vaccine doses for every adult in the United States by the end of May. (RELATED: ‘Here’s Some Hush Money’: Jesse Watters Says Pelosi Is Using Stimulus To Pay Federal Workers To ‘Stop Complaining’)


Williams began the segment with a nod to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and his plan to fully reopen his state, adding, “We are seeing that Biden is promising that there will be sufficient vaccine for every American adult by the end of may. Do you feel good about that, Jesse?”

“I do, I feel great about it, especially Texas and especially the vaccine oversupply,” Watters replied, noting that an oversupply of the vaccine would mean the ability to ship surplus doses to other countries where it was needed.

Watters then pivoted to the subject of schools, many of which have not yet reopened.

“But Juan, Joe Biden just got absolutely worked by the teachers union. Do you have any idea what they just did?” he asked. “They basically boycotted, refused to show up to work, held the students hostage so not only could they take billions in more money that they are not even going to get this year but they got to be able to jump the line on the vaccine.”

Watters went on to accuse the teachers unions of refusing to work until healthy, younger teachers could get the vaccines ahead of people’s grandparents. (RELATED: ‘Sold Out America’s Children To The Teachers Unions’: Trump Rips Biden Admin For Failing To Reopen Schools)

“I mean, Biden totally caved. I mean, if the teachers union can do this to Joe Biden, what is China going to do?” Watters continued. “Juan, what if the border patrol union says we are not going to go patrol the border until we get a shot? What if the airline union said we are not going to fly until we skip the line.”