‘Put A Fork In Him’: Meghan McCain Is ‘Over Cuomo’ — Sunny Hostin Tries To Make It About Donald Trump


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain lashed out at Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during Thursday’s broadcast of “The View,” but co-host Sunny Hostin said sexual harassment claims against the governor appeared to be motivated by politics.

McCain, a frequent critic of Cuomo, called the governor “a pig and a pervert” and said he had not offered a sincere apology in the wake of multiple women accusing him of sexual misconduct. (RELATED: ‘Give Me An Absolute Break’: Meghan McCain Flames Chris Cuomo For Response To Andrew Cuomo Accusations)


The segment began with a clip of Cuomo’s press conference, during which he apologized for making anyone uncomfortable but continued to deny any wrongdoing.

“Oh, God. I mean, first of all, he looks like he’s in a hostage video,” McCain said in response to Cuomo’s statement. “He’s not even like really apologizing. He looks like a mechanical robot reading.”

“I’m so over Cuomo, and I think he’s a pig and a pervert,” McCain continued, arguing that the real scandal people should be talking about was the thousands of nursing home residents who died of COVID-19 following Cuomo’s order that forced such facilities to accept patients after they had tested positive for coronavirus.

“I think put a fork in him on all levels,” McCain said.

She went on to call out Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, saying that if just one assault claim was good enough for people to attack Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, one should have been enough for Cuomo as well. “You’re real silent, real silent, senator. Got nothing to say about this. I mean, the hypocrisy can last all day, but I just — I’m so over Cuomo.”

Hostin immediately pivoted to blame Trump.

“What is striking to me is the hypocrisy coming from the right because, you know, now that Governor Cuomo has apologized, something that we have never heard from, you know, the disgraced former twice-impeached, one-term president, we also haven’t heard any statements from a lot of other Republicans that have been accused of similar, if not worse, behavior,” Hostin said.

Hostin went on to accuse Republicans of only wanting accountability when the accused was a Democrat, saying no one was calling for investigations into Republicans Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan or North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

Hostin concluded by saying that, while she agreed Cuomo should face an investigation over the nursing home scandal, she felt calls for his resignation over sexual harassment claims appeared to be more motivated by politics.