Democratic Congressman Slams Rep. Lauren Boebert’s ‘Behavior’: ‘It’s Not Funny, It’s Not Normal, It’s Not Okay’


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Democratic Colorado Rep. Jason Crow said Wednesday he “just can’t” work with colleagues such as Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert because he doesn’t want to “normalize” their “behavior.”

Crow appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” and discussed his feelings towards Boebert and other House Republican colleagues with host Nicolle Wallace and Axios reporter Jonathan Swan. (RELATED: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Compares Gun-Posing Lawmakers To Terrorists)

Swan began by asking Crow to describe what it’s like working with some of his Republican colleagues who voted to “overturn” the results of the Electoral College vote. “Have you confronted them? What have their interpersonal relationships been like?” he asked.

Crow responded by explaining he represents “almost as many Republicans” in his district as Democrats, so he understands “some of the anxieties” and “political debates” that go on. He said he went to Congress “in good faith” to “find common ground” and is “one of the most bipartisan members of Congress.”

“But I think we have to understand that not all of my GOP colleagues are the same. I mean, for all the folks that are depraved, and saying terrible things, and associating themselves with extremist groups, there are a few who are also at great risk showing courage, and standing up, and saying enough is enough, and trying to push back,” Crow continued.

Wallace then mentioned a recent Boebert ad with “audio of a gunshot, followed by the sound of a weapon being reloaded and fired again,” which she described as a “toxic mix of racism and glorification of violence.”

“I try to work with people if I have shared values with them, or feel like we can work together … There are some people that you just can’t. I’m not going to work with folks and normalize that behavior because it’s not funny, it’s not normal, it’s not okay,” Crow responded.

“What we’ve seen over the last four years … is that words have consequences, especially if you’re an elected official, you’re a leader … Very real people are getting hurt and getting killed, because some people don’t understand that. That’s a leadership failure and we can’t tolerate it,” he concluded.

Boebert released the “gunshot” ad on Tuesday, targeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the security fencing around the U.S. Capitol. It’s unclear what exactly the gunshot conveys, however, Boebert is known for carrying her gun to work every day.