Far Left Militants In Portland Start Fires, Vandalize Buildings And Toss Unknown Liquids

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Militants smashed windows, burned flags and attacked a federal courthouse Thursday in downtown Portland, Oregon, while protesting the proposed replacement and expansion of an oil pipeline.

Protesters met at Chapman Square on Thursday afternoon, arguing the new pipeline would hurt wild rice lands, watersheds and the Anishinaabe treaty territories, according to OregonLive. The protesters argued big corporations should clean up the existing pipeline.

Protesters began marching through downtown Portland, with some shouting, “No borders. No Walls. No USA at all,” a video posted to Twitter shows.

The group stopped at a Chase Bank where some attempted to enter the building. A security guard then allegedly pulled a gun on the protesters, according to OregonLive. No one was reported injured.

Some of the militants spray painted the boarded up walls of the bank with “Fuck Pipeline” and other phrases in opposition of the pipeline expansion.

Protesters then continued on to another bank, a Wells Fargo location, where video shows them taunting individuals inside. Militants then continued on, starting a fire in a trashcan outside the Justice Center, according to photos posted to Twitter.

The group eventually made their way to the federal courthouse, which has been surrounded by barricades in recent months. The barricades originally protecting the building were seemingly removed, according to a tweet from reporter Andy Ngô.

Video posted to Twitter shows militants antagonizing individuals inside the courthouse before some individuals begin throwing unidentified liquids into the courthouse.

Federal agents then assembled in front of the courthouse as protesters continued to antagonize authorities.

Police eventually fired “pepper balls” at the protesters, video posted to Twitter shows.

Protesters dispersed but returned to the courthouse Thursday evening, according to KGW8.

Video shows an American flag burning in front of the courthouse after militants broke one of the few uncovered windows.

Federal agents can later be seen deploying tear gas as they march through Portland.

Portland Police announced Thursday that one individual was arrested during the afternoon protest after officers were dispatched to a call of trespassers in the lobby of an office building. Police found roughly 30 people inside who refused to leave. Some were smoking and others had pets, according to police. (RELATED: Oregon Mayor Blasts Criminal Culture In Portland)

Some militants then began “damaging property, including a television and the front doors to the building,” police said.

Darby M. Howard, 22, was found on the steps of the federal courthouse a short time later. He resisted arrest and allegedly punched an officer in the face. He was arrested for criminal mischief in the first degree and resisting arrest, according to police.

Portland has experienced several violent protests and riots since mid-2020. Protesters destroyed businesses, burned flags and broke windows in protest of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Other protests targeted the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building. Rioters also tried to break down the door to the Portland Police Association in February.