Gov. Gavin Newsom Claims Right-Wing Extremists Are Behind Recall Efforts

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom claimed Tuesday that efforts to force a recall election were being driven by right-wing extremists.

Newsom joined ABC’s “The View” to discuss the recall effort against him, and he pushed back against organizers’ claims that a number of the signatures had come from Democrats and Independents. (RELATED: Gavin Newsom Blames ‘Proud Boys,’ ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ Amid 2 Million Signatures For His Ouster)


“So Governor, you say that this recall effort has ties to the same extremist groups that stormed the Capitol, but organizers claim more than a third of signatures are from Democrats, Independents and unaffiliated voters mad that your pandemic policies shuttered businesses and schools. Are both true?” Joy Behar asked.

“Well, the chief proponent of this, and forgive me, this is just objective truth. The chief proponent of this recall petition supports putting microchips into migrants, into immigrants,” Newsom said. “The other proponents, the chief, the top ten proponents, the people that are behind this are members of the Three Percenters — the right wing militia group, the Proud Boys, supported the insurrection, are folks that quite literally enthusiastically support Qanon conspiracies, and so that’s the origin here.”

Newsom went on to argue that because California has such a low threshold with regard to the number of signatures necessary to force a recall election, it would be easy for organizers to get enough support even if it only came from his political opposition.

“Am I worried about it? Of course, I’m worried about it,” Newsom continued. “The nature of these things, the up or down question, the zero-sum nature of the question is challenging and vexing. So we’re taking it seriously. I have to do my job every single day, but I’m going to fight this thing because I’m going to fight for California values and the things I hold dear, and I think the vast majority of Californians regardless of their political stripes hold dear.”

Organizers claim to have over 2 million signatures on a recall petition that requires 1.5 million for certification, according to USA Today. Those signatures must be presented to county election officials by March 17, at which point officials have until April 29 to count and validate them.