Fauci Has ‘Outlived His Usefulness’: Ben Domenech Says Demand For Masks After Vaccines Is ‘Dangerous’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The Federalist’s Ben Domenech said Thursday that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s calls for vaccinated adults to continue wearing face masks could be dangerous.

Domenech argued on “Special Report” that people were might refuse the vaccine or throw out Fauci’s warnings entirely if they were consistently told that, after a year of sacrifices to slow the spread of coronavirus, nothing substantive would change once they finally received the vaccine. (RELATED: ‘You Parade Around In Two Masks For Show’: Sen. Rand Paul Questions Dr. Fauci On Wearing Masks After Vaccination)


Anchor Bret Baier began with a clip of Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul challenging Fauci directly, arguing that people were more hesitant to get the vaccine because he was telling them they wouldn’t be able to get rid of their masks afterward.

“I think he was saying if you are going to say to everyone that you have to wear masks forever, that it is going to dissuade people from getting vaccinated,” Baier said.

“Right. Why get vaccinated if your life won’t change? Yeah. That’s a problem,” NPR’s Mara Liasson agreed.

“Look, I want to be measured in what I am saying here, Dr. Fauci is someone who has worked very hard for the American people,” Domenech replied. “He is in many ways someone that we all should respect, but I think that the fact is that he is someone as a messenger who has outlived his usefulness.”

Domenech argued that people were beginning to “see through this kind of theater,” which Sen. Paul was criticizing, which demonstrated to them that even if they went through the process and got vaccinated, the guidelines would move and nothing about their lives would actually change.

“That’s the opposite of the message we ought to be sending,” Domenech continued. “And it is the opposite of the message politicians ought to be sending. Virtually all of them that you see on your TV cameras have been vaccinated. They are not going to be transmitting this disease, they are not vulnerable to it anymore, and instead of living that out in front of us as an incentive for more Americans to get vaccinated, they are engaged in this type of theater, this type of play on our cameras that really illustrates to people, you shouldn’t even bother. Because nothing about your life is going to change, and that to me is very dangerous.”