‘If You Guys Want A Gun Show’: Gov. DeSantis Might Not Get Vaccinated On Camera Unless People Really Want To See It

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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that he is planning to get vaccinated after becoming eligible Monday, but does not know if it will be on camera.

“I became eligible on Monday. I haven’t had it yet, but I’m planning on doing it this week,” the 42-year old governor said following the state’s decision to lower the age threshold to 40, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

“I’m not sure we’re gonna do it on camera. If you guys want a gun show, maybe we could do it, but probably better off not,” DeSantis said jokingly, flexing his bicep. “We’re looking forward to do it.”

DeSantis’ remarks come two days after he slammed the proposal to introduce so-called “vaccine passports,” threatening an executive action to prevent such a measure in Florida. (RELATED: ‘Where Are The Defenders Of … The American Way?’: Tucker Carlson Criticizes Vaccine Passports As ‘Orwellian’)

“I think it’s something that people have certain freedoms and individual liberties to make decisions for themselves,” DeSantis said at a Monday press conference in Tallahassee.

“I also wonder, it’s like okay, you’re going to do this and what, give all this information to some big corporation? You want the fox to guard the hen house? I mean, give me a break. I think this is something that has huge privacy implications,” he added.