POLL: More Americans Support Georgia Voting Law Than Oppose

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Alex Corey Contributor
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More Americans support Georgia’s new voter integrity law than oppose it, according to a recent poll.

Georgia received nationwide backlash for its new election law that requires proof of identification for absentee mail-in-voting, among other restrictions intended to protect voter integrity. But a new poll from Morning Consult found that 42% of Americans are more likely to support the law while 36% are likely to oppose it.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed the 98-page bill which called for sweeping reform to election-related policies in the state. In addition to the voter ID requirement for mail-in-voting, the bill also narrowed the time frame to request an absentee ballot and added a misdemeanor charge for political partisans caught handing out food, drink, money, or gifts to people in voting lines. (RELATED: In The Name Of Social Justice, MLB Moved All-Star Game From Mostly Black City To Mostly White City)

The Morning Consult survey also revealed that 62% of “avid” MLB fans supported the league’s stance on the issue. 1 in 4 Democrats support the voter law but an overwhelming majority—65%—support MLB’s boycott of Georgia. Only 14% of Republicans said they opposed the law and 10% said they stood behind the actions of the league.

Among independents, 38% of respondents said they supported the law, and 29% said they opposed it. Over 40% of independents said, “Don’t Know/No Opinion” for the MLB’s boycott, while over 30% gave the same response for their attitude toward the law.

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Delta, Merck, Apple and Facebook have released statements condemning Georgia. The MLB announced Monday they would be moving the All Star Game to Denver—a move that is already seen as hypocritical due to the fact that Colorado has similar voting laws to Georgia.