NY Parent Sues To Be Allowed To Marry Their Own Child

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Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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A New York parent filed a Manhattan federal court claim on April 1 in an effort to overturn laws that prohibit a parent from marrying their own child, according to the New York Post.

The parent seeks to marry their own adult child, but the incestuous practice is a third-degree felony under New York law, and incestuous couples marriages’ are considered void, according to the report.

“Through the enduring bond of marriage, two persons, whatever relationship they might otherwise have with one another, can find a greater level of expression, intimacy, and spirituality,” the parent reportedly said in the claim.

“The proposed spouses are biological parent and child. The proposed spouses are unable to procreate together,” court papers allegedly said, according to the New York Post. (RELATED: Man Wanted For Alleged Incest And Child Abuse Killed In Police Shootout, Graphic New Body Cam Footage Shows)

The parent seeks a judge to declare the incest laws as unconstitutional and unenforceable to allow for a “Parent and Adult Child Non-Procreationable” couple. “Parent-and-adult-child couples for whom procreation is either virtually or literally impossible can aspire to the transcendent purposes of marriage and seek fulfillment in its highest meaning,” the parent reportedly argued.

The parent wishes to remain anonymous because the marriage request is “an action that a large segment of society views as morally, socially and biologically repugnant.”

“It’s never gonna fly,” Manhattan family and matrimonial law attorney Eric Wrubel told the New York Post. “The closest you can come is Woody Allen, and that wasn’t his daughter, it was an adopted child whom he never adopted and it still turns people’s stomachs.”