‘You’re Not F**king Live’: Minnesota Protester Cusses Out CNN Reporter Live On Air

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A protester cussed out CNN’s Sara Sidner during a live report from Monday evening protests in Brooklyn Center.

Sidner was reporting live from a protest over the police shooting of Daunte Wright, and just as she began a segment with anchor Chris Cuomo, a man approached her and began swearing and claiming that media was making the situation worse.


“Lots going on here,” Sidner began as she got connected with Cuomo in the studio, explaining that her eyes might appear watery because police had recently shot CS gas into the crowd. (RELATED: ‘It’s Not Justice’: St. Paul Mayor Says Cops ‘Landing In Jail’ For George Floyd And Daunte Wright Is Just The Start)

“You can see people walking. Anything that you see, you see how hazy it is? That is all tear gas, and it is extremely strong,” Sidner continued, but she was interrupted as a man approached her.

“You all be twisting up the story,” he accused.

“Do you want to talk to me?” Sidner asked. “Don’t take my mic. We’re cool. What’s your name?”

When the man refused to give his name, Sidner asked what he thought of the situation in Brooklyn Center.

“What I think about this is all the press and all the extra shit you all do is make this worse,” he replied. “When people want to protest they shouldn’t do it in front of the f**king police. Yeah. Courthouse, s**t like that, you get what the f**k I’m saying?”

“I want you to be careful. I really do,” Sidner warned the man as fireworks flew in the background.

“Of what?” he asked.

“Of anything that can hit you. Look at all the stuff coming —” Sidner continued.

“Do I look like I’m scared?” he asked, and she said no, he did not. “Exactly. You all need to get up out of here twisting up the media and s**t.”

Sidner continued to try to get the man to talk about the situation, but he was not convinced that she wouldn’t just edit out anything she didn’t want to air.

“Y’all just going to edit out the s**t,” he protested.

“We’re live,” Sidner replied.

“You’re going to edit out some other s**t. You’re not f**king live,” he said.

“I’m live right now,” Sidner said again.

“I don’t care if you’re live or not. Get away from here with all that media s**t you’re doing,” the man insisted.

“We’re with CNN,” Sidner tried once more to convince him.

“Take that camera all the way the f**k up there then. Take it all the way the f**k up there,” the man said. “Y’all doing all the extra s**t … to make people look crazier than what the f**k they are.”

“You watch us. That’s where we’re going,” Sidner said, then turned back to speak with Cuomo in the studio.