Joe Biden’s Dog Trainer Apparently Isn’t Allowed To Speak To The Media After Major Wreaked Havoc On White House Staff

(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

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President Joe Biden’s dog trainer is seemingly not allowed to speak about the havoc that Major has allegedly wreaked on the White House staff.

Mark Tobin, the official White House dog trainer, told the Washington Post that he was required to sign an agreement “prohibiting” him from speaking to the media, reporter James Hohmann said Thursday.

“I can’t comment,” Tobin told the outlet. (RELATED: ‘There Was Poo On The Floor’: One Of Biden’s Dog’s Left A Sh*tty Surprise On The White House Floor)

Tobin did confirm to the outlet that he is still working with both dogs, Major and Champ.

The dogs have seemingly had multiples incidents since moving into the White House in January. Major has had two biting incidents. Another time one of the dogs, although it isn’t clear which one was responsible, sh*t on the carpet, as previously reported.

I could see why Tobin had to sign an NDA. The media has painted Major out to be a total monster. Joe Scarborough even suggested Major be euthanized.

I hope the slander stops now that the White House has gone silent on issues regarding the pups. Let’s let them live in peace.