‘Last Survivor Of The Mayflower’: Ana Navarro Mocks Woman Concerned About Biden, Says Fox News Is ‘Hurting The Country’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro mocked an older woman during Friday’s broadcast of “The View,” claiming in an anecdote the woman had bought into comments on Fox News suggesting President Joe Biden was too old or had dementia.

Navarro said the woman “looked like the last survivor of the Mayflower” and claimed the woman had heard Biden was either too old or suffering from dementia on Fox News. (RELATED: ‘From America’s Mayor To American Crime Story’: Ana Navarro Blames Trump For Dragging Giuliani Down)


Co-host Joy Behar began the segment by asking Navarro, who has said that she is still a Republican, whether she believed that Fox News was helping or hurting the party.

Navarro said that she believed the network was hurting the party, but she did not stop there.

“I think it’s hurting the country. I think it’s hurting democracy. I think it’s hurting journalism,” Navarro said, referring to the network as “Faux News” and saying that it was responsible for COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among Republicans.

“The other day I had this lady come up to me who literally looked like she was the last survivor from the Mayflower asking me about Joe Biden being too old and that he has dementia. Because they hear that over and over and over from Fox News,” Navarro continued.

Navarro went on to claim that Fox News was relying on just one “purity test” and that was reflected in the Republican Party as well.

“This is not about principles. It’s not about being Republican enough. It’s not about ideology. It’s not about conviction. It’s about truth or lies. It’s about right or wrong. It’s one purity test. It’s a cultist purity test,” she said. “Do you follow and are beholden to Trump or are you not? That’s the only test that Fox puts up. That’s the only test that the Republican House puts up. It’s frankly disgusting. It is destructive to everything — democracy, the country, the party and brain cells.”