Don Lemon Announces His Last Episode Of ‘CNN Tonight’

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CNN host Don Lemon announced Friday night that it was his last episode of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” but later clarified that he was not leaving the network altogether.

“I told you I had an announcement, and I do,” Lemon said. “It’s been really, really great. This is the last night that we’ll be CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.” (RELATED: ‘Egregious And Insulting’: Don Lemon Battles With Chris Cuomo For Bringing Rick Santorum On His Show)

“So I appreciate all the years of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” he added. “But changes are coming. And I will fill you in. But until then, I am very proud of my CNN special about Marvin Gaye’s groundbreaking album ‘What’s going on.'”

A special about Gaye’s album followed Lemon’s announcement. The special aired during the 11:00 time slot, which is usually allocated for Lemon’s show.

Lemon later clarified in a Tweet that he is not leaving the network altogether.

“So I got back down to my office after the show – everybody calm down,” the CNN host said. “I didn’t say I was leaving CNN. I just said it was the end of an era for CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.” (RELATED: Don Lemon Promotes His Own Book As A Recommendation For White People)

“I am not leaving CNN, so you will have to tune in Monday at 10:00 to see,” he continued. “That’s it. So relax. I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving.”

Lemon clarified again on Saturday that he’ll have a new show named “Don Lemon Tonight.”

News Cycle Media president Jon Nicosia reported earlier Friday that a “big CNN anchor” would be leaving the network before June 1, but said that it was not Lemon.

CNN has experienced a large drop in ratings since January. Lemon’s 10:00 hour had just 764,000 viewers on average for the week ending May 7, the second-lowest for prime time shows. The only other prime time show that had worse ratings was CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who had 753,000 viewers.

This story has been updated with further clarification from Lemon.