‘You’re Not Going To Ex-Communicate A Former President’: Dan Crenshaw Says People Are Interested In Issues, Not Trump Loyalty


Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw explained that while Americans are more interested in issues that concern them, you can’t “ex-communicate” a former president.

“My Republican supporters do not ask me about Trump, they don’t ask me about what he said,” Crenshaw told NBC’s “Meet the Press,” explaining that he gets asked about issues such as the illegal crossings at the border, inflation, savings, and the hiring crisis many businesses are now facing.

“I believe that you’re not going to ex-communicate a former President,” Crenshaw said, adding that he feels that Trump should continue focusing on the border and the issues that Americans are facing right now. “I don’t think Trump is the devil. I won’t say that. I don’t think he’s Jesus either.” (RELATED: ‘I Never Get Asked About This’: Dan Crenshaw Says People Care About Skyrocketing Gas Prices, Not Liz Cheney)

“I’m a rational human being about this. I’m going to agree where I agree and disagree where I disagree, and I refuse to allow this drama to engulf us,” Crenshaw explained, adding that he feels that was the point that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was trying to make in his recent letter about recalling Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney.

“There’s no point in re-litigating some of these things,” Crenshaw pointed out. “I speak for my constituents who care about those issues that I’ve told you about. I think those are the issues we should be debating on this program.”