‘Thankfully, We Don’t Have Those Mean Tweets’: Pete Hegseth And Will Cain Mock ‘Master Of Disaster’ Biden

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Fox & Friends” hosts Pete Hegseth and Will Cain mocked President Joe Biden during a Sunday morning segment, calling him the “Master of Disaster.”

Cain and Hegseth, joined by cohost Carley Shimkus, cited a New York Post editorial board piece referring to Biden as the “Master of Disaster” and comparing him to one-term former Democratic President Jimmy Carter. (RELATED: Muriel Bowser ‘Should Be Saying Thank You’: Pete Hegseth Slams DC Mayor For Ousting National Guard)


“The New York Post is saying this is Joe Biden proving to be a master of disaster. More so than even Jimmy Carter. That’s the headline,” Cain began, reading from the op-ed. “‘Joe Biden is even proving more of a master of disaster than Jimmy Carter, it’s stunning how much success Biden has managed to reverse in just four months. The long lines at the pump, showing growth, and rising inflation, it’s looking like the Jimmy Carter era except it took Carter years to produce disasters that this president has fostered in scant months.'”

“And Will, to your point, these are not crises that have been thrust on the Biden administration. They were created by the Biden administration,” Hegseth added, pointing out the reversal from the “renaissance” of energy independence to gas lines and shortages following the hacking of the Colonial Pipeline.

Hegseth went on to point out the illegal immigration surge that followed the Biden administration’s complete reversal of all former President Donald Trump’s border policies and the stimulus money that he argued was keeping people from returning to the job market.

“Stagflation — the idea that you’ve got a stagnant economy, unemployment that doesn’t — even though you’ve got tons of jobs available, people don’t want to take them. And then you’ve got inflation coming. It hits everybody. It’s actually regressive,” he continued. “Everyone’s paying more, especially the people at the bottom of the ladder.”

Shimkus jumped in as well, saying that media coverage of Trump had painted his policies as disastrous but they had been effective. “Everything was, you know, a 10 in terms of the disaster scale,” she said. “And yet the border, the border was completely — he was fixing the border wall, the illegal immigration numbers were down. President Biden comes in, reverses that and then there is now a huge crisis is on our southern border.”

Shimkus went on to argue that because the media coverage was different, people felt calmer even though the policies were getting worse and impacting them directly.

“He tweets nicely, that’s good. Thankfully, we don’t have those mean tweets, all caps. Look out, they were really hurting us,” Hegseth replied sarcastically.