Cicadas Are Making It Rain … With Their Pee

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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Brood X cicadas not only pee but also pee quite often — particularly on warmer days — The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Scientists claimed that cicadas’ pee is similar to watery tree sap, according to The Washington Post. However, the outlet noted that the pee is harmless, “just like the cicadas that squirt it out.”

“It feels like when a rain just starts, and you get a small drop or two and say, ‘Is it starting to rain?’” Paula Shrewsbury, a professor of entomology at the University of Maryland, told The Washington Post via email. “Instead, now you say, ‘Is that cicada pee?’ So little specks of wet, and it never gets any stronger than that.” (RELATED: Trillions Of Cicadas Expected To Appear For First Time Since 2004)

The Washington Post previously published recipes for snacking on cicadas, while the Daily Caller’s own Richie McGinniss ate one raw for social media, declaring “WAR” on the insects.

Scientists said simply wearing a hat while taking a hike in the woods or walking underneath heavy trees will provide enough protection, The Washington Post reported.

Daniel Gruner, another professor from the University of Maryland, said cicadas pee so much because, “As adults, cicadas are active on the hottest days because they can tap into the dilute, watery xylem fluid of deciduous trees,” according to The Washington Post.

“Evaporation of moisture cools their bodies by as much as five to 10 degrees,” Gruner claimed, “just as humans sweat and dogs pant, but an excess of fluids forces them to pee liberally.”