EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol Can’t Defend US From Drug Smugglers As Resources Get Stretched Thin

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Border Patrol agents told the Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura that they’re struggling to protect the border from drug smuggling, as their resources get stretched thin dealing with the surge of illegal immigrants entering the U.S.

Ventura visited Del Rio, Texas, to document the border crisis, and captured shocking video of a large group of migrants illegally crossing the border.

Border Patrol resources are being extended far beyond their capacity as agents have to detain migrants rather than defend the border and watch for illegal drug shipments, Ventura explained. Agents told Ventura that they’ve seen a near 600% increase in Fentanyl coming across the border.

More than 100 migrants crossed the treacherous river, with some people carrying infants, Ventura noted. Some of the migrants told Ventura they’re coming from Venezuela before they turned themselves over to Texas State Troopers.


In one instance, a young boy can be seen struggling to cross the river before Texas State Troopers assist him and other migrants making the journey.

Some of the migrants can be seen crying, though it is unclear why. (RELATED: Local Report Alleges Migrants Are Being Secretly Flown Into Tennessee In Middle Of Night. Republican Lawmakers Want Answers)

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