‘One Of The Biggest Embarrassments And Jokes Of Our Time’: Dan Bongino Says Media Can’t Stop Flubbing Stories

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dan Bongino lashed out at media outlets during a Tuesday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

Bongino told hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Will Cain and Lawrence Jones that it was truly telling that media had been responsible for some of the biggest scandals in recent months. (RELATED: ‘Wrap Up Shop And Go Home’: Dan Bongino Torches ‘Talking Head Media Buffoons’ For Bungling Lab Leak Story)


Cain began the segment with a few comments about the most recent story involving President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and apparent evidence that the president, while he was serving as vice president, had met with Hunter’s foreign business contacts despite his claims to the contrary.

“Dan, we’re just going to laugh this off, right?” Cain asked. “Come on, he’s not, he’s not. That’s how you do it.”

“You know, Will, the media’s worse than Pravda. At least Pravda in the old Soviet Union, everybody understood it was a big scam,” Bongino replied. “That the media actually pretends they’re doing ‘journalisming’ is one of the biggest embarrassments and jokes of our time, and the joke, apparently, I guess, is on us.”

“There are, shockingly, some people left, stunningly, who still believe the media is out there doing media stuff and not full-time propaganda. Don’t you find it odd that the three biggest scandals of our time are all media scandals?” Bongino continued, listing a series of stories that he felt were examples of the media driving a specific narrative.

Bongino mentioned the origins of the novel coronavirus and the media’s early aversion to the lab leak theory, former President Donald Trump’s assertions that his campaign had been spied on and finally, Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“Does anybody else on the panel find that odd, that the media had a role in covering up — Lawrence, I see you laughing, I got a return on this one today,” Bongino laughed. “Anyone find this odd? Anyone? Am I missing something? The media’s supposed to tell the truth, blew it on the three biggest scandals — ”

Earhardt jumped in, quoting the New York Post and arguing that if similar evidence had been found incriminating Trump or any of his adult children, the media would have likely done backflips in an effort to connect them.

“Dan, The New York Post writes: ‘Without a doubt if Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner or so on had been caught playing such games, it’d get nonstop coverage,'” Earhardt read.

“I want to take it to the next level,” Bongino agreed. “That’s easy. Yeah, of course if it was Don J., Ivanka, Eric, Jared, anyone, there’d be front page stories from now until eternity. I get that. If it was Don Jr.’s friend’s cousin’s uncle who one time seven years ago took a shot of Russian vodka —” Bongino continued, prompting more laughter. “This is how corrupt the media is, it doesn’t even need a connection to someone with the last name Trump. If someone knew Trump who knew Trump who stayed in a Trump hotel seven years ago, this would be a story.”