‘Get Rid Of The Honey And Go With Some Tabasco’: Shannon Bream Says It’s Time To Hold China Accountable

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Shannon Bream said Thursday that it was time to hold the Chinese government accountable and investigate the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bream joined a panel discussion on “The Five” and responded to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claim that the United States should be careful with China because cooperation would be necessary going forward. (RELATED: Shannon Bream’s Book Tops NYT Bestseller List In Fox News’ Second Ever Published Work)


Dagen McDowell brought up the lab leak theory, saying that to her it seemed to be the most reasonable explanation.

“Gee whiz, there is a virology lab right in Wuhan while the horseshoe bats lived in caves hundreds of miles away,” McDowell said. “But instead the media and Dr. Fauci bent over backwards to lean on a hypothesis that was not as reasonable and logical as, oh, it came out of a lab that had safety problems because Xi Jinping talked about it.”

Bream mentioned the explosive allegations put forth by the Vanity Fair article on the subject, saying that even people inside the State Department had encouraged people not to look too closely.

“People in the State Department were actively telling people shut it down, don’t dig there, don’t go there because you will open a Pandora’s box,” Bream continued. “Dr. Fauci said we have to be careful with China because we need to be able to cooperate with them. It’s been over a year. They haven’t exactly been transparent with the WHO or anyone else.”

“I’m all — listen, Dagen, like you I grew up in the south and we believe you get more flies with honey,” Bream continued. “But when the flies are full of committing human rights atrocities and not giving you any information, it’s time to get rid of the honey and maybe go with some Tabasco or something maybe a little bit stronger.”

“The Communist Party, Greg, if they are talking and breathing they are lying,” McDowell agreed.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld went on to argue that if the lab in Wuhan was a Pandora’s box, maybe someone should open it in order to find out what had really happened. “I wonder how many investigations are stopped when someone says that’s a Pandora’s box,” he said.