The PAC-12 Is Worried About P5 Champions Not Getting Auto-Bids In An Expanded College Football Playoff Field

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The PAC-12 is apparently hellbent on embarrassing itself as College Football Playoff expansion moves forward.

Expansion is moving forward, and it’s likely we’ll have a 12-team field in the coming years. It could happen as soon as 2023. The field would be made up of the six highest-ranking conference champions and six at-large bids. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

However, the PAC-12 apparently has a major concern about the fact P5 champions won’t get an auto-bid under the proposed system.

According to The Mercury News, outgoing PAC-12 commissioner Larry Scott released a statement and said in part about the proposed format, “The Pac-12 supports expansion of the CFP and believes that the (Power Five) champions should annually qualify for the CFP.”

Allow me to translate Scott’s statement for all of you. The PAC-12 doesn’t believe its champion will consistently finish among the top six highest-ranked champions, and thus, the conference just wants an auto-bid.

If you’re a P5 conference and you don’t think your champion can finish among the top six champions, then just quit the sport of football.


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You clearly have no business playing football if you can beat out the American and Mountain West. Just quit and save yourself the embarrassment.

You think the Big 10 or the SEC are worried about where their champions will rank? Hell no. They’re not worried about the Mountain West, the American or any other G5 conference.

Apparently, the PAC-12 has some very serious insecurities!


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I’m not kidding at all. If the PAC-12 continues to have this stance, then just quit football. It’s that simple.