Glenn Greenwald Slams Joy Reid For Critical Race Theory Debate


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Journalist Glenn Greenwald ripped MSNBC host Joy Reid for her Wednesday interview with critical race theory critic Christopher Rufo.

Greenwald called out the network for the “pathetic” debate where Reid repeatedly cut off Rufo when he was trying to speak.

“Few things are more pathetic than inviting someone onto your show under the guise of debate, then using the power you have as host to refuse to let the person speak, then have your network congratulate you for your stunning victory,” Greenwald tweeted. “It’s just cowardice.” (RELATED: Joy Reid Mocks Parent For Saying It Isn’t Racist To Oppose Critical Race Theory)

The debate was supposed to be about critical race theory’s presence in schools and conservative opposition to the theory. MSNBC titled the YouTube video of the debate “Joy Reid Schools Critical Race Theory Critic On Legal Scholarship.”

Greenwald also cited an interview that Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson did with philosopher Cornel West and said that interview is “how it’s supposed to work.”

“For the Kremlin agents in my replies predictably using ‘whataboutism’ to defend Joy Reid’s behavior by saying ‘what about Tucker?’ – just like the KGB taught them to do – here’s a discussion between Tucker & Cornel West,” Greenwald said. He also praised Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill for his interview with Rufo, calling it “enlightening rather than cowardly and self-serving.”

On YouTube, commentators were not pleased with MSNBC’s description of the interview.

“English translation of the title: Joy Reid humiliates herself and acts like a child who ran out of arguments, but can’t admit it,” one person said.

“Even though Joy didn’t let him speak she still lost that argument,” someone wrote. Another said that Reid “acts so immature and refuses to have a civil debate,” calling it “a shame.”

“She did everything she could to shut him up and he still made her look bad,” one of the comments read. Another person said that Reid “has embarrassed herself big time.”