Former Alabama Congressional Candidate Jessica Taylor Announces Campaign For US Senate


Jesse Stiller Contributor
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Former congressional candidate Jessica Taylor has announced her campaign for Alabama’s open Senate seat in 2022, becoming the fourth person to launch a bid in the Republican primary.

The self-proclaimed “patriot” and small business owner announced her candidacy in a two-minute video posted to Twitter Thursday morning, tweeting that she was “fired up” to be launching the campaign.

“Today, in Kamala’s America, I fear everything that we hold dear here in Alabama is under attack by socialists, big-tech, and the radical leftists in D.C.,” Taylor says in the video.

As the video progresses, Taylor walks up a large rolling ladder toward the top of a makeshift rocket, placing a newspaper inside of the rocket while criticizing media and calling for conservatives to “stand up” and help “finish Trump’s mission of draining the swamp.”

Taylor then lists off the “liberal agenda” consisting of issues such as voter fraud, critical race theory and open borders among other things, while placing Ibram X. Kendi’s book, “How to be an Antiracist,” $300 dollars, a small block of wood and a cut-out of the Twitter logo inside of the rocket.

She then touts being “100% pro-life, 100% pro-gun, 100% pro-police and 100% pro-wall” and being pro “America-first” as she walks down the ladder.

“We’ve got enough lobbyists, career politicians and RINOs in the swamp, and they’ve been effectively useless,” Taylor says as she walks towards a launch button. (RELATED: Alabama Secretary Of State Drops Senate Bid After Being Confronted With Affair)

The candidate then presses the button, sending the rocket upward toward the sky, while stating that she would send “the liberal agenda into outer space, where it belongs.”

The video ends with what appears to be Taylor’s husband stating that she had left her pistol on top of the ladder, to which she replies that she left it there so “sleepy Joe” can’t get it.

Taylor enters a slowly-growing but very tough primary field, consisting of Republican Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who has been endorsed by Trump, Katie Britt, the CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, and Lynda Blanchard, the former Ambassador to Slovenia.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Richard Shelby, who is 86-years-old, announced in February that he would not run for a seventh term in the Senate.