‘I Don’t Know If You Can Find A Larger A**’: Greg Gutfeld Says CNN Covered Up Violent Crime For Political Reasons

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Friday that CNN had ignored and even covered up violent crime for political reasons.

Referencing a Thursday evening shooting in Washington, D.C. — which CNN’s Jim Acosta witnessed — Gutfeld argued that the network had done its best to dismiss spikes in violent crime until they had landed so close to home. (RELATED: ‘Any Sane Person Would Say Hell No’: Greg Gutfeld Says White House Can’t Be Trusted To Identify ‘Misinformation’)


“You know I don’t like to swear in the 5:00 hour, but I don’t know if you can find a larger ass than Jim Acosta. CNN has been engaging in a cover-up of violent crime for quite a while,” Gutfeld began, arguing that the move had been politically motivated.

“There were people dying, and they were laughing about it. Those two clowns Cuomo and Lemon were actually — they were mocking people concerned. They were laughing about it,” Gutfeld continued, going on to argue that no one really seemed concerned about the violence until it was in their own back yard.

Gutfeld also said that all crime would be “a local story” until it impacted national media — and in Acosta’s case in particular, being able to insert himself into the story was part of the draw.

“Crime doesn’t exist until it gets in their face,” Gutfeld added. “Do you remember the protest was happening and Maxine Waters said, ‘you got to get in their face.’ Maybe they were right. The crime has to get in their face, right? That is only way they understand it is if it’s in their face.”

As protesters looted businesses and damaged property in the wake of George Floyd’s death, CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon mocked “right wing media” for covering those protests, saying that they did so in order to distract people from former President Donald Trump’s poll numbers.