‘The View’ Co-Hosts Say Public Figures Shouldn’t Be Confronted When On Vacation, But Add That Tucker Carlson Deserves It

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“The View” co-hosts agreed public figures shouldn’t be confronted when they are on vacation, but Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin felt Tucker Carlson deserved it.

During the ABC talk show Monday, the hosts discussed a video that went viral of a man in Montana confronting the Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder in a fly fishing store and calling him the “worst human being.” (RELATED: ‘Totally Lost The Plot’: Meghan McCain Criticizes People Cheering Confrontation Of Tucker Carlson)

“Well, I’m against public confrontations like that especially when you are in a hostile state of mind,” Behar explained. “If you have something to say to me, tweet it, but, you know, don’t come up to me with your hostility. I don’t like that, but I think that Tucker probably thought that he was in a safe space.” (RELATED: ‘Settle Down, Son’: Tucker Carlson Laughs In Face Of Heckler Who Calls Him ‘Worst Human Being’)


“But when you are spewing lies that cost people their lives, actually no place is safe for him, and people like him,” she added. “As for the vaccine, now you know that Tucker got the vaccine. I don’t think that Rupert Murdoch would allow people in that Fox building without all being vaccinated, and yet he goes around vilifying the vaccine and saying lies about the vaccine’s effectiveness which is very, very dangerous.” (RELATED: Maxine Waters Doubles Down On Harassing Trump Officials In Public)

Behar then insisted even though the man confronted Carlson, he was “very, very nice about it” and said he did “not become a threat.”

“He just basically quietly said, you know, you know are the worst human being for doing what you are doing,” the co-host shared. “So you can’t really fault him on that end.”

Whoopi Goldberg threw the question to Sunny Hostin, who said she agrees that when a person is with their family on vacation, he or she “should be safe” from “being accosted or being confronted.”

“But when you think about Tucker Carlson, he himself has, you know, said things like in April of this past year, this year Tucker Carlson told his audience to harass people who wear face masks outside,” Hostin said. “He also said that members of the public should report parents to police and child services if they see children wearing masks as they play.”


“He called mask-wearing repulsive and said that parents forcing their children to wear masks in public should be reported for child abuse, and he also told his viewers that it was their duty to report,” she added. “And then just last week even though we have been seeing some Fox News personalities now saying, listen, ‘You should get the vaccine. It saves lives.’ Tucker Carlson on the other hand contradicted his colleagues and told viewers to ignore medical advice on television.”

“All of this misinformation, and I’m just not surprised that he was confronted by someone who obviously viewed his show because he’s encouraged that behavior,” Sunny continued.

Meghan McCain disagreed with her fellow co-hosts and said nobody should have to face something like that, calling it “incredibly dangerous.”

“This isn’t normal, and I think any rationalization that this is normal or should be accepted in the United States of America is not only indecent, but it’s beyond the pale of what should be any expectation of any kind of decorum in a society liked the United States of America,” McCain exclaimed. “And anyone that tries to rationalize it is gross, and that man should apologize to Tucker Carlson.”