‘This Is So Confusing’: Shannon Bream Says New Guidance Is Forcing CDC To ‘Move The Goalposts In Full View Of The Public’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Shannon Bream said Friday that the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was forcing the organization to move the goalposts.

Bream, who borrowed a mic from “The Five” cohost Jesse Watters when hers failed to work, said that confusing guidance from officials only made it more difficult for businesses to reopen and for people to return to their normal activities. (RELATED: ‘Get Rid Of The Honey And Go With Some Tabasco’: Shannon Bream Says It’s Time To Hold China Accountable)


Bream began to address the issue, but was abruptly cut off and informed that her mic was not working.

“Oh, I love this, this is so cozy,” Bream laughed as Watters unclipped his mic and stretched it toward her. “Anyway. Listen. The CDC is now going to have to move the goalposts in full view of the public, as the Washington Post said last night, because we are getting more data but if the data is relying on a study out of India partially that deals with vaccines that we don’t — oh, I think I have my mic now.”

Bream went on to address the return to mask mandates in places like Washington, D.C., and the concern that more stringent restrictions could follow.

“The mayor says, tweeted this afternoon, the city is open, but everybody has to re-mask,” she continued. “Their businesses are now complaining saying we have held on for 15, 16 months. This is so confusing, people aren’t going to come out again because they are afraid and they think they can’t get in without a mask and we don’t know what to do and you are hurting our ability to reopen.”

Cohost Jason Fowler agreed, at least in part, saying that the messaging from the CDC had been confusing.

“But that doesn’t take away from the fact that hospitalization rates are back to where we were in January,” he added.

“In D.C. over the last two weeks there was one person who died from COVID,” cohost Katie Pavlich interjected.

“We average one death per week in D.C.,” Watters added.

“But those are different regions. And I agree with you about D.C.,” Fowler continued.

“And we’ve had 11 homicides at victims,” Bream said.

“You’re more likely to get shot dead than die of COVID in D.C., Richard,” Watters said.

Fowler agreed that D.C. was not facing the same numbers that were rising in other parts of the country, but Watters pushed back, pointing out that they were only talking about D.C. because that was the topic of the segment.