Fund Set Up For Epstein’s Victims Pays Out $125 Million

(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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A Victim’s Compensation Program shelled out nearly $125 million to victims of Jeffrey Epstein, according to a press release from the program.

The Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program began in June 2020 and concluded Monday. The press release stated that the program would be closed after more than 150 “eligible claimants” received some monetary compensation.

Of the nearly 225 claims, 92% were found to be credible. The victims were then offered various compensation amounts. Fund administrator Jordana Feldman said the program “allowed victims/survivors who were sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein to resolve their claims outside of court through a voluntary, confidential, fair, empathetic and expeditious process – beyond the glare of public proceedings and without the costs and confrontation of litigation.”

“Every claimant had an opportunity to be heard in a safe space, to share the intimate, personal, often harrowing accounts of what they endured and how it has affected them,” Feldman said. “I was continually struck by the resilience and courage of the victims who put their faith and trust in this process.”

Feldman added that the Epstein estate had no control over which cases were deemed credible or what type of monetary compensation would be awarded. (RELATED: Jeffery Epstein’s Former Palm Beach Estate Demolished, Sale Of Property Put Into Victims’ Compensation Fund)

“I am proud of what we were able to accomplish with this Program, but also recognize that no amount of money will erase the years of pain these victims have endured because of Jeffrey Epstein. My hope is that the Program provided his victims a meaningful measure of justice and a step on the path toward healing,” she concluded.

Epstein committed suicide in August of 2019 in his Lower Manhattan jail cell, officials reported. He had been awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges and was facing up to 45 years in prison if convicted.