Rand Paul Suspended From Youtube For Seven Days After Allegedly Violating COVID-19 ‘Misinformation’ Rules

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Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul was suspended from YouTube for seven days after posting a video arguing that “cloth masks” are not effective against the coronavirus, Forbes reported Tuesday.

Paul’s suspension began Monday, almost a week after he posted a video in which he claimed that “cloth masks don’t work” and most store-bought masks “don’t prevent infection,” according to Forbes. The video has since been taken down. YouTube stated that it violated the site’s COVID-19 misinformation rules, which prohibit users from arguing that masks don’t work, Forbes reported. (RELATED: Rand Paul Calls On Citizens To ‘Resist’ Mask Mandates And Lockdowns)

“I think this kind of censorship is very dangerous, incredibly anti-free speech, and truly anti-progress of science, which involves skepticism and argumentation to arrive at the truth,” Paul said Tuesday in a press release, according to Forbes.

Paul responded to his suspension in a video message titled “It Is Time For Unfiltered News.” “Censorship by YouTube is very dangerous as it stifles debate and promotes groupthink where the ‘truth’ is defined by people with a political agenda,” said Paul. This video was also removed by YouTube for violating its Community Guidelines, the Daily Wire reported.

“As a libertarian-leaning Senator, I think private companies have the right to ban me if they want to, but I think it is really anti-free speech, anti-progress of science, which involves skepticism and argumentation to arrive at the truth,” said Paul during a press call, according to the Daily Wire. “We realize this in our court systems that both sides present facts on either side of a question and complete an adversarial process to reach the truth in each case.”

Paul is the second Republican lawmaker to be suspended from a social media platform this week due to claims about COVID-19.

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was temporarily suspended from Twitter after she claimed that masks and vaccines are ineffective. A Twitter spokesperson said that Greene had violated the site’s COVID-19 misinformation policy.