‘What The Hell Did Some Adviser Tell Him?’: Geraldo Rivera Blasts Biden’s ‘Pitiful,’ ‘Pathetic,’ ‘Discordant’ COVID-19 Speech

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Geraldo Rivera laid into President Joe Biden after he delivered a speech Wednesday touting booster shots for coronavirus vaccines.

Rivera said on Fox News’ “The Five” that he had felt as though someone had advised Biden to talk about COVID-19 booster shots in an effort to distract from the terrible news coming from Afghanistan. (RELATED: Defense Secretary Says US Doesn’t ‘Have The Capability’ To Evacuate Large Numbers Of People From Afghanistan)


Co-host Jesse Watters noted that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had said the U.S. did not have the capability to ensure Americans in Afghanistan could safely travel to the airport in order to evacuate.

“Can I just say something about the president?” Rivera cut in, changing the subject to address Biden’s speech. “It was pitiful. It was pathetic. I try to give him every due respect. He’s the President of the United States. I think he’s a nice person. What the hell that COVID speech had to do with the price of beans in America, I don’t know.”

Rivera went on to suggest that someone had advised Biden to speak about COVID-19 as a sort of distraction.

“He delivered it as if someone said, ‘Here’s a good idea. Why don’t you speak about the COVID booster and take their minds off of what they’re seeing on the TV news.’ So what the hell did some adviser tell him?” Rivera asked. “He was blinking and missing words and — I thought it was really discordant.”

Rivera then turned back to the topic at hand, saying that the military leaders appeared to be coming to terms with the fact that they had been involved in what would eventually be a well-known historical blunder.

“They were in charge when something happened, a debacle occurred that will resonate for generations. They were the people there in charge. For them, I think it’s a lot of cover your ass going on right now. A lot of scrambling going on in D.C.,” Rivera continued. “There’s an understanding of the monumental nature of this screw-up.”