Watch Every August 17-19 Episode Of ‘The David Hookstead Show’

David Hookstead (Credit: David Hookstead)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s Friday and that means another week of “The David Hookstead Show” is in the books.

This week, we only had three episodes because I spent Monday flying back from a short trip to Wisconsin. However, we still went over several important topics, including Afghanistan falling, Tim Tebow getting cut and much more.

For anyone who might have missed an episode, you can catch every one from this week below.

August 17: Afghanistan Falls To The Taliban, Hope Solo Says Megan Rapinoe ‘Almost’ Bullied Teammates Into Protesting, Bill Maher Rips The ‘Woke Police,’ NFL’s Taunting Rules Are Out Of Control, College Football Is Less Than Two Weeks Away, The AP Preseason Poll Is Out, Jack Coan Will Start At QB For Notre Dame, ‘Yellowstone’ Gets Show Major Disrespect And ‘Field Of Dreams’ Holds Up To The Test Of Time

August 18: Stephen A. Smith Makes Tim Tebow Being Released About Race, Tony Buzbee Says The FBI Is Investigating Deshaun Watson, Brett Favre Says Kids Under The Age Of 14 Shouldn’t Play Tackle Football, Dabo Swinney Won’t Mandate Vaccines, Jalen Berger Is Wisconsin’s Most Likely Heisman Candidate, Field Of Dreams Game Will Happen In 2022 And Daniel Craig Doesn’t Believe In Inheritances

August 19: Deshaun Watson Spoke With The FBI, Max Kellerman Might Leave ‘First Take,’ Aaron Rodgers Was ’50/50′ On Retiring, Ron Rivera Wants Taunting To Stop To Protect The Kids, Nebraska And Scott Frost Are Under Investigation, Nick Saban Prints Money For Alabama And ‘Ozark’ Isn’t Done Filming

Thanks for spending another great week with me, and make sure to check back Monday for the start of a new week of episodes!