‘Allergic … To Competence And Reality’: Dagen McDowell Says Biden Admin Is ‘Plumbing’ The Depths Of ‘Disgusting’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Dagen McDowell accused President Joe Biden’s administration of plumbing the depths of “disgusting.”

McDowell joined Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ “The Five,” and after the first part of the show was preempted by the president’s remarks, she and her cohosts responded to his comments on the situation still unfolding in Afghanistan. (RELATED: Dagen McDowell Mocks Biden’s Vacation: ‘It Must Be Exhausting Setting America Back 45 Years In 7 Months’)


Co-host Greg Gutfeld began by saying he didn’t think it was fair to blame Biden for everything, noting that bureaucrats and politicians on both sides of the aisle had contributed to prolonging America’s presence in Afghanistan.

“But I’m going through this complex process of getting a handgun in New York City. I could have just joined the Taliban,” Gutfeld continued, arguing that it was easier for the Taliban to get guns from the United States than it was for New Yorkers.

Jesse Watters jumped in then, noting that if American soldiers then had to go in and execute rescue missions, they would potentially be up against Taliban fighters who were armed with American gear.

“It’s disgusting and that’s a word I can say on television,” McDowell replied. “People I’ve talked to are worried about our troops who are at the airport, that they’re sitting ducks now.”

“But what happened last Friday, remember, he lied here, there, and everywhere about our allies are with us, al-Qaeda’s gone from Afghanistan and Americans can get to the airport,” McDowell continued. “So at least this delays the cleanup process until tomorrow.”

McDowell went on to say that Biden had even lied about the economy during his Tuesday remarks.

“He was talking about how bad the economy was when he took office. No, it wasn’t. It was — the recession ended in April of last year. He can’t even get basic facts correct,” McDowell concluded. “But he has told so — he seems to be allergic to the truth, to strength, to competence and reality. And I don’t think we’ll ever get a number of Americans who are still in Afghanistan, because that way, they can lie and say that all Americans are out, this is the date, it’s the date certain, we’re pulling our troops. Yeah, let’s celebrate. And it’s a political win for me. That’s the depths of disgusting that this administration is plumbing right now.”