The Conservative Solution To The Green New Deal

[Daily Caller]

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Former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley said in a video that conservatives believe in climate change and have solutions readily available that won’t bankrupt the nation and cripple our energy independence.

“America has been blessed with incredible natural beauty,” Haley said in an exclusive video which was made in partnership with the American Conservative Coalition and Stand For America. “Everyone wants to protect it. We all want pure air, clean water, and healthy children.”

“America has also  been blessed with abundant natural resources. Everyone benefits when we use them responsibly,” she continued. “But the far left doesn’t want to use them at all.”


Haley criticized the “Green New Deal” as “one big lie” that isn’t “green, unless we’re talking about trillions of taxpayer dollars.”

“It’s just a bunch of bailouts, handouts, and carve-outs for liberal cronies. Ultimately, it’s about power and politics, not climate.”

Haley touted natural energy resources such as natural gas that help climate emissions. (RELATED: Biden Just Doubled Obama’s Goal For Cutting Emissions But Won’t Release His Plan For Getting There)

“Fracking has helped lower American carbon emissions by 12% over the past 15 years — more than the next 8 countries combined,” she said.

Haley said that unlike progressives, conservatives want to “use all of America’s natural resources to tackle the problem. That means traditional energy. It means wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear power.”

“We want action, not activism.”

Under the “Green New Deal,” climate change would be tackled at the cost of roughly $93 trillion over ten years while calling to achieve “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions in ten years and expanding welfare programs.

Haley also noted that China is a bigger concern when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. A report published in May by consulting firm Rhodium Group found China was responsible for 27% of global emissions, surpassing the U.S. which comes in second at 11% and India which comes in third at 6.6%.