‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Shares He Has ‘Aggressive Cancer’

(Credit: Netflix)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“Tiger King” star Joe Exotic revealed he has “aggressive cancer” as he remains incarcerated after being convicted for trying to kill animal rights activist, Carole Baskin.

“Doctors called me in today to break the news that my prostate biopsy came back with an aggressive cancer, Carole [will] have her own party over this!” Joe Exotic tweeted to his thousands of followers. The comments were noted by the Associated Press in a piece published Thursday.

“Say a prayer everyone [and] be my voice  love #joeexotic #exclusive #breakingnews #freejoeexotic #justiceforjoeexotic,” he added. (RELATED: Joe Exotic Of ‘Tiger King’ Held In Quarantine After Being Transferred To Federal Prison) 

The post included a headline with the news about the cancer diagnosis along with a screenshot of a handwritten letter to followers after he gained popularity for his Netflix documentary. (RELATED: Zoo Featured In ‘Tiger King’ Searched After Police Find Remains Believed To Be Human On Property)

“It is with a sad face that I have to tell you … that my prostate biopsy’s came back with an aggressive cancer,” the star wrote. “I am still waiting on the results from another test as well. “Right now, I don’t want anyone’s pitty [and] I’m sure Carol will have her own party over this.”

The “Tiger King” star concluded his post by asking others to be his “voice” so he can be released and “enjoy what life” he has left with his “loved ones.”

The Oklahoma zookeeper, born Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced to 22 years behind bars after being convicted for his part in a failed murder-for-hire plot targeting his nemesis Big Cat Rescue owner Baskin, among other charges.