‘A Frighteningly Divided Culture’: Famous Director Aaron Sorkin Blasts Cancel Culture, Compares Twitter Mobs To McCarthy Era

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Palm Springs International Film Festival

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Director and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin blasted cancel culture and Twitter mobs during an interview published Thursday by The Holywood Reporter.

Sorkin was interviewed about the cast of “Being the Ricardos” and why he chose Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as cast members, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sorkin said there are parallels between the McCarthy-era Hollywood and today’s cancel culture, reported The Hollywood Reporter. “There are parallels. Obviously, the House, Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn, had the force of government behind them. They could lock people up.” (RELATED: Chris Rock Rips Cancel Culture, Says People Are ‘Scared To’ Speak)

Sorkin also took shots at Twitter during the interview.

“Twitter is that committee that says whether or not you can abuse someone, and they must be ignored,” Sorkin said when comparing Twitter to the McCarthy era, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I just strongly believe, and now more than ever when we’re living in a frighteningly divided culture, that people talking to each other is the way out and that banning things isn’t,” Sorkin went on to say during the interview, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sorkin is known as the creator of the hit TV shows “The West Wing” and “The Newsroom.”

Sorkin previously said former President Donald Trump “doesn’t know anything” in a 2016 appearance on “The Today Show.” He went on to say that America is “in a terribly dangerous situation.”

“Now, I want to be clear, it’s one thing if someone is spreading dangerous misinformation or if because someone’s speech, people are getting beaten up or worse, that’s entirely different,” Sorkin said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “But just someone offending you? I think that’s the cost of doing business in a free society.”